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A little info about myself

Hi! My name is Amanda Smith. I am a wife, mother of four great kids, and I sell sex toys! How many people get to say that every day? More importantly, how many people get to wake up every day and say "I love my job!"? I do every single day. Not only do I get paid to party, I get to meet women from all walks of life and educate them on sexual health. 

A little info about the company

Pure romance is the nation's leading woman-to-woman seller of relationship enhancement products, including bath, beauty, skincare, and intimacy items, as well as lingerie and bedroom accessories. Our consultants receive training from some of the best sex educators, doctors, and relationship therapists out there! Our company mission is to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN women. 

A little info about the products

From mild to wild, we have something for everyone. Start your day with our scentual bath line and finish it with our sexy lingerie or one of our intimicy enhancing products. Whatever you order, rest assured that your items will arrive in discreet packaging. Don't worry, even the mailman won't know what's in the box!

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My Dream Job

Pure Romance has provided me with extra income that has allowed me to do things I wouldn't have been able to do. I have helped pay for three vacations with my husband to Riviera Maya, Mexico. It has become my favorite travel destination, but I have several more locations on my bucket list.

I have also used my extra income to pay for a family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our daughters were so excited to get to see the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore. 

Aside, from Pure Romance providing extra income to do the things we want, it has provided me so much more. I get to get out of the house and socialize with women from all walks of life and educate them on the topics of sexual health and wellness.  

Are you in?

Are you interested in doing what I do and having your own dream job? For more information, click the link below, or send me a message. 

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• 87% of Pure Romance Consultants work their business part-time, working approximately 6 hours per     week!?


• You can make up to $200-$500 profit from ONE Pure Romance party averaging approximately 4     hours?!


• Pure Romance Consultants have access to heathcare, paid maternity leave, receive discounts off your cell phone bill, and discounts at Office Depot!?


• Pure Romance Consultants own their own business? You are your own boss, write your own schedule and can take off work whenever you want?! (Holidays, birthdays, family functions, or just because!)


• You can earn free vacations, prizes, cash bonuses and free products JUST for doing your job?!


• Our smallest business package is $500-worth of products you pay a fraction for, if you decide not to be a Pure Romance Consultant, you can keep it all for yourself. Win-win!


• Pure Romance allows you to work part-time hours, but make full-time pay, about $100/hour, which leaves you with more time for your children, family, and friends!

• As a member of our team, you have GREAT training, including coaching calls, party shadowing, online video tutorials, team meetings, a Facebook support group, Corporate training events, and even online training!? I am a dedicated mentor who will help guide you to success and keep you motivated!

• With Pure Romance, your income is unlimited and you can advance at the rate you choose based on your efforts!?


• You have the potential to make a six-figure income as a Pure Romance Consultant with no college education or prior sales experience?!

• Every night you do a party, you get paid!? No waiting for a paycheck!


• That Pure Romance Consultants LOVE what they do!?


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The flirt line of products is my absolute favorite! The scent is fun and sexy!

7th & Plum is a sexy scent. It's completely different that anything I've ever worn before.

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